Infrastructure and Facilities

The overall planning of the hospital is as per the various parameters as applicable to the particular site, its functional requirements, applicable Acts of the State, Indian Standards and the National Building Code. The planning also accommodates all needed parameters for disabled persons, elderly persons and children.

Salient information of Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Infrastructure planning and design is in accordance with International Standards with patient safety and comfort as primary objective.
  • State of the Art, Air-conditioning System with air exchange and heating facility and automated microprocessor based controls for power savings.
  • Best in class fire safety equipment, Medical Gas Pipeline System, Biomedical Waste and Effluent management and high grade electrical control panel, wires and cables.
  • Water Harvesting, Solar Heaters, Reverse Osmosis Plant, sunlight access design electronic sensors and development of adjacent green belt for eco-friendly environment.
  • Electronic Record and Information System – PACS promoting Green Concept with less of paper work.

Wards and Beds

Variety of bed types are made available to suit the requirements of patients keeping in mind their convenience and affordability. Bed types range from General Ward to Private and Deluxe Class. The Deluxe Ward and Royal Suite is a combination of unmatched excellence of care and luxury in the healthcare sector.
Total Number of Beds = 65 (Economy Ward Beds: 20, Economy Isolation Beds: 8, Private Beds: 20, Private Suites: 7, ICU Beds: 8, ICU Isolation Beds: 2)

24 X 7 Pharmacy

The hospital has a pharmacy on premises which operates on a round-the-clock-basis. It allows the patients to procure their medicines on the hospital premise itself thus avoiding the need to run round the city at odd hours.

Consulting Rooms

The hospital has 6 consulting rooms. Each of these is suitably equipped for doctors to interview and examine his patient in a comfortable environment. Each room is equipped with a computer which enables the doctor to give prescriptions / diagnostic tests for the patient to collect the medicines and undergo the prescribed tests in the diagnostic departments.

Bariatric OPD

Hospital has a dedicated Bariatric OPD , which is first of its kind thus adding one more feather to our cap.

Operation Theaters

4 Modular Operation Theaters with state of the art facilities for all kinds of surgeries with 1 minor OT.


The hospital has ambulances facility for transfer of critically ill patients.

Lift Facility

Hospital is incorporated with three lifts to ensure convenience of patients and visiting members in travelling to different floors.

Medical Library

The Library is equipped with the latest books and journals in medicines. It also has internet facility to enable a doctor an access to international publications in the field of medicine.


The hospital has a professionally managed cafeteria for the convenience of the patient’s relatives and other visitors to the hospital for meeting their requirements of snacks / drinks and meals

Communication Facilities

The hospital maintains up-to-date communication facilities having access to internet, intranet and video conferencing. Facility also exists to send SMS through use of computers to keep the consultants posted on the developments regarding their patients, as also to contact them in the event of an emergency.


  • The Admission, Helpdesk and Billing counters are located in front of the entrance
  • Central Sterile Supplies Department (CSSD) and Laundry
  • Surveillance Systems with Manpower Security
  • Waiting area at Reception, OPD Area and VIP waiting lounge